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Kristina is a health coach and clinical nutritionist who will work with you in making lifestyle and dietary changes that optimize your health and wellness. Kristina’s integrative approach is science based and views all the body systems as being interconnected. Your digestive health, how you nourish yourself and manage stress strongly impacts your immune system, cardiovascular system, reproductive system, endocrine system, brain health etc. Whether you are seeking a personalized nutrition plan, need strategies for overcoming emotional eating, managing a chronic health issue or wish to run functional labs such as food sensitivity testing, Kristina will tailor a program to meet your needs and goals.

One of Kristina’s group programs is a guided “Sugar Detox Challenge.” It is an integrative approach to self-care and focuses attention on multiple areas of health to promote fat loss.

Kristina is a graduate of Wesleyan University and obtained her Masters in clinical nutrition from Maryland University of Integrative Health. She is a Certified Nutrition Specialist, the gold standard for Advanced Nutrition Professionals. Kristina is also a Certified Health Coach through the Institute for Integrative Nutrition. She holds other certifications in areas ranging from Mindful Eating, Functional Diagnostic Nutrition, Sport Nutrition, and Heartmath (a biofeedback program intended to build resilience, optimize performance and overcome anxiety).

To schedule, please call 203-984-7989 or email Kristina directly at To learn more please visit her website:

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What our clients have to say.

"Dr. Gelfand and his staff are professional and supportive. I have always had a good experience, and I go on a quarterly basis for iron infusions. It is always easy to make appointments and I love the new midtown location - spacious and easier to get to. Dr. Gelfand has always been available to talk about any concerns and answer my questions."

Jo N.

"Dr. Gelfand and his staff are outstanding/A+++. I’ve been a patient for almost seven years, and my experience has always been positive, pleasant and reassuring. AIC provides exceptional treatment, advice, and personal, compassionate care. Highly recommend."

B. C.

"I started going to AIC this year and I can’t believe how much better my experience is as a result. AIC’s facility is modern with comfortable seating and nice decor. The chairs are padded leather with controls and so comfortable you could fall asleep in them. (I used to sit in a hard chair for three hours.) The staff and nurses are incredibly attentive and nice, always offering me blankets and other items. There is free tea, coffee, cocoa, magazines and other items to make you as comfortable as possible. And there is room for my husband or another family member to accompany me. Overall, this is as good an experience as you can possibly have under the circumstances and I’m very glad I switched!"

Sylvia L.

"Aside from being a brilliant Doctor, Dr Gelfand is the most caring, compassionate Doctor I have ever known."

Debirsh B
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